Who We Are

Our History

We are a family-run artisanal business that celebrated its 55th birthday in 2015, and was founded by our Mother, Jeanne Grolière, who has a long family history of reputed cooks, and was helped by our Father.

It all began in 1960...

In 1960, Jeanne Grolière decided to dedicate herself to making conserves according to Périgourdine and family traditions. With few resources, she made her recipes, passed down from her parents and grandparents, in her own kitchen and sold the products herself at the market each week. This was how she established a group of regular customers and as her sales increased, she invested, with the help of her husband, in a small workshop for making her conserves in their own home.

As the years went by...

With production increasing, in 1980 she decided to create a new, bigger, more technical workshop to manage the increasing sales. News of the quality of her products had been spreading by word of mouth for several years.


First, she was joined by her eldest son Jean-Marc, who had just graduation from hospitality school. Together they managed the expansion of the commercial side of the business, and began developing exhibition and postal sales. Jean-Marc took charge of the production and slowly but surely modernised the methods and tools. As the years go by, our business has not stopped growing and building a reputation for quality and excellence.

Jeanne Grolière’s younger son, Jacques, joined the business a few years ago.

Jeanne Grolière passed away in September 2008, aged 76.


The business is directed by her two sons:



Manages production, recipe development, purchasing and operationsManages the commercial side

Our Work

Above all, our work is a passion: a passion for fine Périgourdine gastronomy, and sharing it with a wider audience whilst respecting authentic flavours.

We are sculptors of flavour.

We are Artisans

In our work, we are first and foremost artisans, as respecting tradition, authentic flavours and quality has always been our priority. Thanks to these high standards, we can proudly display a large collection of awards received each year, and tell a story that we are proud of.  

Although our work has become more mechanised, it is still the work of a small team that have respect for artisanal tradition. We seek to respect our traditional “savoir-faire”- for example, by mastering the cooking of our conserves and Foies Gras “mi-cuits” to guarantee the perfect consistency and allow their flavours to develop, or by carefully reducing our Périgueux Sauce for a long time to ensure its perfection. 

Our recipes are free from artificial coloring and preservatives. 

It’s because of this endeavour for perfection that we always strive to create innovative, delicate and original recipes, such as our “Foie Gras Crème Brulée”, or our “Duck Foie Gras with Sel de Guérande Laqué and Pineau des Charentes”. Our culture is tradition, our challenge is innovation.

We are Conserveurs

The word ‘Conserveur’ seems at first to be contradictory to the word ‘Artisan’, as it makes us think of big chain companies and large factory production of conserves.

In our work, however, the word ‘Conserveur’ goes perfectly with our respect for artisan tradition as it allows us to produce, for example, Duck Liver Mousses, Confits de Canard, Enchauds, and Roast Chicken in the highest standards of hygiene and conservation conditions. 

We have created this site so that you can get to know us and discover the full extent of our range of products.

We hope that you enjoy browsing and discovering our products and traditions, as after all, gastronomy is all about enjoyment.

Bon voyage gastronomique!

Jean-Marc Grolière


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