Our Awards

Paris Agricultural Competition

Every year, our Foie Gras are appreciated at the famous Paris Agricultural Competition. 

In 2016, we were once again presented with the Silver Medal for our highly acclaimed Whole Goose Foie Gras as a conserve, made with all natural ingredients and without the use of artificial colors or preservatives. The addition of this recent award means we can now proudly display a collection of 39 medals receives at this prestigious competition, in the 18 years we have participated.

39 Médailles en 18 ans

Our great achievement in 2015 was being awarding three new medals at the Paris Agricultural Competition. In 17 years of participation, we received 38 medals. 

Gold Medal for the Whole GooseSilver Medal for the FoieMédaille de Bronze pour les
Foie Gras ConserveGras de Canard mi-cuitRillettes de Canard

The Périgord Palmes d’Or 

The Périgord Foie Gras Association has awarded us the Périgord Palmes d’Or in Sarlat several times, notably in 2013 for our Whole Goose Foie Gras.

National Foie Gras Competition

In October 2016, we received the Silver Medal for our Whole Goose Foie Gras, which is highly regarded for its authentic taste and natural flavour. Our Foies Gras are made from all natural ingredients, without artificial colorants or preservatives. 

Silver Medal for the Whole Goose 
Foie Gras 

In 2013 we also received two medals in this competition, both Silver and Gold.

Gold Medal for theSilver Medal for the Whole
Goose Foie Gras mi-cuitGoose Foie Gras Conserve

National Order of Merit

We are also very proud of the Knight's Medal of Merit that was awarded to Jeanne Grolière in 2001 by the Minister for Agriculture for her talents.

“Coup de Coeur” 2016 of the Blind Tasting Awards at the “Dans le Noir” Blind Restaurant in Paris

39 Médailles en 18 ans

In June 2016, our special Foie Gras de Canard Mi-cuit with Chestnut Cream received the “Coup de Coeur” award from the jury of the “Dans le Noir” Restaurant’s Blind Tasting Awards. This Paris restaurant chain gives clients the opportunity to taste products in the dark in order to fully appreciate their flavor.

This particular Foie Gras is effectively completely atypical. It has a very smooth texture, and a very subtle, original flavour of chestnut cream is incorporated in a very balanced way.

We are the only Artisan Conserveurs in Périgord to produce this exceptional gourmet recipe, without artificial colorants or preservatives.

You can find this speciality on our website and also in the Dans le Noir Restaurant’s shop.