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Our History and Our Products


We are a family-run artisanal business that celebrated its 55th birthday in 2015, and was founded by our Mother, Jeanne Grolière, who has a long family history of reputed cooks, and was helped by our Father.


In 1960, Jeanne Grolière decided to dedicate herself to making conserves according to Périgourdine and family traditions.


With few resources, she made her recipes in her own kitchen and sold the products herself at the market. This was how she established a group of regular customers and as her sales increased, she invested, with the help of her husband, in a small workshop for making her conserves in their own home.


As the years went by, and as the production increased, she decided in 1980 to create a new, bigger, more technical workshop and was joined little by little by her two sons: first, Jean-Marc and then Jacques.


As the years go by, our business has not stopped growing and building a reputation for quality and excellence.


Jeanne Grolière passed away in September 2008, aged 76.


Today, the business is managed by her two sons: Jean-Marc, who manages production and recipe development as well as purchasing and management, and Jacques, who manages the commercial side.


Our Work: Artisan Conserveurs


In our work, we are first and foremost artisans, as respecting tradition, authentic flavours and quality has always been our priority. Thanks to these high standards, we can proudly display a large collection of awards received each year, mainly at the annual Agricultural Forum in Paris.


We seek to respect our traditional “savoir-faire”- for example, by mastering the cooking of our conserves and foies gras “mi-cuits” to guarantee the perfect consistency and allow their flavours to develop.

We are also conserveurs, which perfectly compliments our respect for tradition.


In this sense, we have in place a conserve-making process that we apply scrupulously in order to create products inspired by our local gastronomy, that have been elaborated in optimal hygiene and conservation conditions.


Our recipes are free from artificial colouring and preservatives.


Although our work has become more mechanised, it is still the work of a small team that have respect for artisanal tradition.


We are dedicated to bringing together the artisan conserveurs of Périgord. Together we have created a quality control chart, which we apply to the letter.


You can find this chart on our website, on the page on our commitments.


Our delicious recipes are a success thanks to the rigour of our fabrication and the selection of the finest products, which are always local and fresh. These elements are part of our permanent high standards.


It’s because of this endeavour for perfection that we always strive to create innovative, delicate and original recipes, such as our “Foie Gras Crème Brulée”, or our “Duck Foie Gras with Sel de Guérande Laqué and Pineau des Charentes”


We are also members of the FOIE GRAS DU PERIGORD Association.


Our products are labelled to prove the origins and the quality of the ingredients we choose.


We invite you to take a look at the values and the labels that we support on this page.


You can also find our about our numerous awards: Medals from the Agricultural Forum of Paris, Palmes D’Or of Périgord… etc. by clicking on this link.


Please do not hesitate to contact us by completing the form on our contact page by clicking on this link, or by calling us on +33 6 87 03 06 21.


Apart from our special offers, we can also offer you special hampers and made-to-measure packages according to your needs: business committees, gourmet stores, etc.


We can also add special packaging or a personalised card to your order.


We are at your service from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6.30pm.


Our culture is tradition, our challenge is innovation. 

Jean-Marc Grolière