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Our Commitments 

As well as our commitments to several associations and labels guaranteeing quality and the guaranteeing the perseveration of our “savoir-faire”, such as:

The Charter of Artisans Conserveurs,

The Foie Gras Association of Périgord, with the labels ‘Périgord Duck Foie Gras” and “Périgord Goose”

We also commit ourselves to a rigorous, draconian selection process when selecting our ingredients, based on their quality, freshness and origin.

We never use artificial colorants or preservatives.

We respect the highest standards of hygiene in our precise and rigorous fabrication processes.

Always striving for improvement, we taste all our products scrupulously and never stop looking for ways to make them even better. We are always thinking of new innovative ideas, whilst staying rooted in our traditions.

We are interested to hear all feedback from our customers, and several times a year we go and listen to them at numerous forums and exhibitions across the whole of France.

We are members of the Union of Artisan Conserveurs 

In 1982, a handful of Artisan Conserveurs, including ourselves, were members of the Union of Artisan Conserve Makers but decided to create a Union that reflected even better the work they did.

With these Artisans, we share the perspective that the market tends to be influenced by large distribution chains and industrial production companies in the farming and food sector. 

There are major challenges to face. In creating the Union, we decided that it was essential to:

Value the gastronomic heritage of Périgord’s conserves

Protect the traditional “savoir-faire” that could be threatened

Deepen the world of flavours linked to the unique and attractive region of Périgord

Artisans in spirit, we have all inherited the art of Conserverie. We have a clear belief: Artisan Conserveurs are sculptors of taste! 

The Charter of Artisan Conserveurs 

As Artisan Conserveurs, we wear the label “Artisan Conserveurs- Tradition Conserved” and we are committed to respecting every point of the “Charter of Artisan Conserveurs”. These are the details:

Artisan Identity

Conserveurs using the label ‘Artisan Conserveurs’ must be registered on the “Registre des Métiers” at the Chambre des Métiers et de l'Artisanat Dordogne Périgord.

Gastronomic “Savoir-faire”

Artisans must have practised conserverie for at least five years before they can become an “Artisan Conserveur”. They must also meet all the other criteria on the Charter.

Respect for Hygiene Standards

Conserveurs strictly apply all the standards, legal requirements and regulations relative to their production.

Guaranteeing a “Conserved Tradition”

By wearing the label, we are making this promise to the customer. To keep this promise, Artisan Conserveurs carefully select their ingredients and regularly create new products while scrupulously respecting the culinary traditions of Dordogne-Périgord.

“Sculptors of Taste”

To truly distinguish themselves from the rest, each Artisan Conserveur dedicates all their resources to meet a very high standard, based on two criteria:

The authenticity of recipes and of flavour relative to culinary traditions of Périgord

The enrichment of the gastronomic heritage of Dordogne and Périgord

Regional approval of recipes

Every new recipe created by an Artisan Conserveur is tasted, evaluated and critiqued by the committee. The committee is made up of highly respect and recognised Artisan Conserveurs.

Critiques and evaluations by independent tasters

Every year, the Artisan Conserveurs submit at least two products in the category “Foie Gras” and “Main Dishes” to independent juries in local, regional or national competitions. They take into account the feedback and use it to improve their products.

Membership criteria and rules

To become an Artisan Conserveur, each candidate must be mentored by three members who will mentor them during a probationary period of two years. During these two years, four of the products they make (Foie Gras and Main Dishes) must pass a number of tests.

At the end of the probationary period, if all the test results confirm their “savoir-faire”, the candidate becomes a recognised Artisan Conserveur.

We are also members of the Périgord Foie Gras Association

In 1993, farmers, butchers and conserveurs of Périgord came together to create the Foie Gras Association to protect the origins and quality of duck and goose products in Périgord.


A signatory member that deliberately breaks one of the rules on the Chart will permanently lose their Artisan Conserveur label. They will no longer be able to use the label “Artisan Conserveur- Tradition Conserved”.

The Birth of the IGP

A threat to the image of Périgord 

The farmers, butchers and conserveurs of the Southwest have put in place a rigorous and demanding quality control, and since the 26th June 2000, they also have a “Protected Geographic Indication” (IGP), a sign of European origin and quality similar to the AOC, with the same goal: promote and protect the Périgord quality and origin.

This takes the form of a number of quality control checks carried out by the Association and by a credited Certification Agency.

Protection of the Périgord Goose

With the mass importation of cheap, standard quality geese, a collective label was created in 2011 to protect the Périgord Goose, affirming its position as top of the range. 

Périgord is the number one producer of geese in France, with 130 000 geese, and outstanding products.

The official launch of the Périgord Goose label took place at the Fest’Oie Festival in 2012, the Périgord Goose Festival that takes place in Sarlat. 

This festival recognises the best Goose Foie Gras in Périgord and gives Palmes d’Or awards. 

We participate in this competition every year and we have received the prestigious Palmes d’Or award for several consecutive years, especially for our Whole Goose Foie Gras.

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