We make sure we use the best conditions of packing and speed in processing our deliveries.

The availability of our products depends on the stock we have. If a stock is out of stock, our site will inform you of the delay until the product is back in stock. If you are interested by this product, you can ask to be informed by email when the product is back in stock. When the product is back in stock we will inform you by email.

Our isothermal packaging for the half baked Foie Gras limits the variation of temperature whilst it is being transported.

Our carriers : TNT, So Colissimo and DB Schenker (for the heaviest packages including wine).


1 – Transport fees for deliveries to main land France :


For individuals:


6,95 € - Delivery fees to parcel offices


7,95 € - Home delivery fees


For professionals:


For orders worth equal to or over 400 euros  up to 800 euros (without tax) the delivery fee is 20 euros.


We offer free delivery for orders worth over 800 euros


We do demand that for professionals the first order is worth over 800 euros (without tax)


2 – Delays in the processing of orders for main land France


Orders are send within 24 hours of being completed on line.


Orders received after 11h on Friday, or order placed on Saturday or Sunday will be sent on Monday.


We do not send orders during the weekend or bank holidays.


Choice of delivery date :


It is possible to choose a date for our delivery on our site – on the page dedicated to delivery. (weekends and bank holidays are excluded from this,


TNT is the only of our carriers that offers the possibility to choose Saturday morning delivery.


Delivery time:


Our delivery date are indicated in working days, starting from the day the order is processed (excluding particular transport problems, strikes or adverse weather).


24h Express delivery:


For TNT : delivery in 24 hours between 8h-13h for half-baked products, and urgent orders (for both individuals and businesses) at :


-       Your workplace (excluding Saturdays) : practical solution (as you don’t need to wait for the delivery and there are fewer reception problems)

-       At the parcel office of your choice (this means you don’t have to wait around for your delivery – this type of delivery is only available on a Saturday morning if it is specifically asked for

-       At your home (this type of delivery is only available on a Saturday morning if it is specifically asked for)



For DB Schenker Top18 : delivery within 24hbetween 8am-18pm (excluding Saturdays) for heavy parcels including half-baked products, urgent orders for individuals and businesses at:


-       Your place of work (this avoid you having to wait around for your delivery)

-       At your homes


Standard 48/72H Delivery


By Colissimo:

48h delivery (non guaranteed delivery time) : for the preserves (ordered by indivduals and professionals) at:


-       Your place of work (excluding Saturdays): a practical solution that means you don’t have to wait around for the delivery

-       At a parcel office of your choice (that also avoids you waiting around – delivery is possible the Saturday morning but the date cannot be guaranteed).

-       At your homes (delivery is possible Saturday morning but the date cannot be guaranteed)


Or by DB Schenker messenger:

48h/72h delivery between 8am-18pm (not guaranteed, excluding Saturdays) for heavy packages (for individuals and professionals) at :


-       Your work (a practical solution that means you don’t have to wait around for the delivery

-       At your home


3 – Delivery times for orders destined abroad or in non mainland France French departments


These orders will be sent 24h after they are processed online


Orders processed after 11am on Friday, or on Saturdays and Sundays will be sent on Monday.


We do not send products at the weekend or bank holidays.


Foie Gras Grolière and our web site reserves the right to refuse an order destined at a country in a unstable economic or political situation that doesn’t allow these products to be safely and securely delivered.


For order destined abroad our website will calculate the delivery fees automatically before your order is processed depending on the weight of the product and the destination country.


We do not send wine abroad.


Carriers for foreign deliveries:


For countries within the European Union we use:


TNT delivery. Delivery within 24h between 8am-18pm: for express deliveries (with half baked Foie Gras, dried duck, fresh truffles: those products in isothermal packaging) for deliveries to the following countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luthania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, the Vatican.


Colissimo Expert International: delivery between 3/5 working days for deliveries of our preserves


DB Schenker messenger: delivery between 3/6 working days for heavy packages of preserves.


For all other foreign countries and non mainland France French departments:


Colissimo Expert International: Delivery between 4-10 working days, depending on the region of the destination country.


We do not take any responsibility for delivery times that are not met for deliveries abroad. The estimated delivery dates are indicative and not contractual.

At the moment of the delivery, any risks to the products received by the customer are transferred to the customer.


The person to whom the product is destined must process proof of the right delivery number in front of the deliverer. If this is the case, the deliverer will right there remarks concerning the delivery and reception of the product before singing and confirming their concerns by tracked letter within 48h to the business in order to be able to claim damages. The absence of this means that any claim is invalid.

If the delivery address saved on the website is incorrect, the transport costs to return the product and re-send it, the customer will be billed for these costs.


VTA (Value added tax) – Importation fees and custom fees


This is regulated by the European Union. Deliveries to European Union member countries will include French VTA.

Deliveries outside the EU: any custom fees incurred will be paid by the customer.

We do not pay custom fees for deliveries.

It is the responsibility of the customer to inform the local authorities of any eventual import limits on products before the order is place.