Caviar Perle Noire L'Impertinent - large size Boxes

The "Impertinent" Caviar thoroughly deserves its label. An exceptional balance between smoothness and freshness, this exceptional Aquitaine Caviar is most acclaimed of the ‘Maison Perle Noire’ in the heart of Périgord Noir. This caviar has creamy flavors, with hints of butter and delicate and long lasting notes. A "cheeky" impertinent pleasure.

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Caviar Perle Noire L'Impertinent - large size Boxes

Caviar Perle Noire L'Impertinent - large size Boxes

The "Impertinent" Caviar thoroughly deserves its label. An exceptional balance between smoothness and freshness, this...


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The Perle Noire business was created at the heart of the Périgord Noir region with famous for its traditional gastronomy.

Based in an exceptional environment, the quality of fresh and clear water that flows into the bassins to ensure the quality of Sturgeons, that are raised in the low density and GM free areas.

The control of these conditions allows Perle Noire, one of the best producers in France, to produce all year round.

This caviar comes in an air tight jar and this allows each person 15-20g of caviar.

This comes from the Acipenser BariiSiberian Sturgeon.

The production of the Impertinent Caviar is done in a traditional manner. This Caviar is made using the traditional method, the grains are selected grain by grain, delicately sifted by hand, washed in clear water, salted in the ‘Malosool’ method and then carefully packaged.

Because this is a "fresh caviar" it can only last around 3 week to 3 months.

The trump card of this caviar are its smooth flavors, that are subtle and delicate. The color of the grains, are also, completely beautiful, from blonde to pearly grey with bronzed tones.

This is a true invitation to pleasure of French luxury cuisine. 

Sturgeon eggs (Acipenser BariiSiberian Sturgeon), Salt, Preservative, E285

Valeurs nutritionnelles (pour 100g)

Energy (in kj)1084
Energy (in kcal)260 kcal
Fat55 g
of which saturates25 g
Carbohydrates (in grams)1.2 g

The caviar must be kept in the fridge (between 0 and 4°C, respecting the use-by date that is indicated on the packaging).

The tasting of this Caviar is best within 3 months, in order to best enjoy its wonderful flavors but it can be consumed for 2 months after this date.

After opening: keep refrigerated and consume quickly.

These boxes of caviar must be stored flat.

To fully enjoy this Caviar and its wonderful flavors, you can serve this caviar directly or you can place the box on a bed of ice. We recommend that you use a little pearl spoon that you can find on our online store.

In order to fully appreciate the delicacy of this Impertinent Caviar and enjoy its wonderful flavors, we recommend you to serve the caviar with one elegant brut Champagne such as the vintage Marie Stuart that we have selected for you.

Equally we suggest you serve this caviar with a dry and aromatic white wine notably the cuvée "Magie d’Automne" from the "Château Moulin Caresse" with its pale yellow tones and dry fruity flavors.

You can find all our suggestions on our online store. 

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